About The Beacon Church

Who are Beacon Church?

A church in Whitchurch

The Beacon is a relatively new church in Whitchurch, North Shropshire, planted in 2008 from Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury.

We are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

We seek to be...

  • a lively, fun community of people, of all ages and backgrounds, where Jesus is central
  • a church that gives priority to family life, worship, teaching the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit
  • a church that works alongside other local churches to change the spiritual climate of our area
  • a church enabling and equipping ordinary people to live extraordinary lives
  • a church which, as our logo says, ‘touches heaven and changes earth’

Beacon Church beliefs and values

Our Aims:

  • To delight in God
  • To 'link arms' with other churches to transform the spiritual climate
  • To become, individually and corporately, all that Christ wants us to be
  • To bring hope and restoration to everyone in our community

What we believe:

As an Evangelical Church we subscribe to the doctrinal Basis of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance (UK).

Beacon's Positional Paper on Prophecy

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Our Statement of Faith:

The Bible

God has revealed Himself in the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments alone. God inspired every word, it is without error, reliable, sufficient and complete. It is our authority, showing God’s will for humankind, living and conduct.


There is one God, who exists in three distinct but equal persons - the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. He is the sovereign creator of all things, who governs all things according to His own will and glory.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is fully man and fully God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, living a sinless life in obedience to his Father. He taught with authority and everything He said is trustworthy. He demonstrated His power over sin on the cross by dying in the place of sinners, bearing their sin, and redeeming them by His blood. He rose from the dead, ascended into heaven where He is the exalted Lord and intercedes for his people.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus, applies the work of salvation, imparts life, and gives us an understanding of the Bible. He is a person who lives in believers and empowers them for worship, works of service and mission, by giving spiritual gifts.


The believer is saved by faith, entirely by a work of God’s grace, which is undeserved. Salvation is accomplished by Jesus on the cross. The Father chooses whom He wills, convicts them of sin, and forgives them through repentance and faith. We are justified, adopted, sanctified and finally glorified.


All men and women, being created in the image of God, have equal dignity and worth. We are created to worship, obey and love God. As a result of the fall every aspect of human nature has been corrupted. Therefore, every person is in need of regeneration, to be born again in order to know God.

The Devil

The devil is a person who is active and present in the world today. He was defeated on the cross and will be finally banished on the return of Christ.

The Church

The universal church has Christ as its head, to which all those who are saved belong. The local church comprises of people who live and work in a particular area and is an expression of the universal church. The local church is responsible to defend and preach the gospel, recognise and use spiritual gifts, care, disciple and discipline its people. The unity of local churches within the universal church is expressed by relationships, respect, mutual love and encouragement.

Baptism and the Lord’s supper

Jesus Christ has given baptism and the Lord’s supper to the church as visible signs of the gospel. Baptism is by total immersion and is done in obedience symbolising the burial of the old nature and the rising of a new life in Christ. The Lord’s supper remembers Christ’s sacrifice and death on the cross. The bread and wine are symbols of the broken body and spilt blood of Jesus, which keeps our focus on the great work of salvation.

The future

Jesus Christ will return in glory. He will judge the world according to righteousness. The wicked will be sent to an eternal punishment and those who are saved will be welcomed into eternal life with God where He will reign. God will make a new heaven and earth for His children where they will also be glorified.

Beacon Church elders


Jamie is lead elder of the Beacon Church. His main responsibility is to lead the Church forward through teaching of the word and oversight of the various programmes and events in which Beacon is involved.

His passion is to see Beacon become a caring family with a heart for the least, the last, and the lost, as well as a centre for healing and a house of prayer.

Jamie is married to Joanne and they have five growing children.

Jamie works as a doctor in Whitchurch; he is a founder trustee of the charity “Medic Assist International” and works to support oversees voluntary workers through his work with “Healthlink 360”.

Ken Holland

Ken is Jamie’s fellow elder. Ken is responsible for Beacon’s finances and administration.

Ken headed up a Christian charity working with children and families for 27 years. Whilst his duties there mainly involved administrative issues, Ken was frequently called upon to preach in churches supporting the charity’s work and he was also responsible for supporting and encouraging the counsellors and outreach workers on his staff.

Together with his wife, Ann, he moved to Whitchurch from the South East in April 2006 following their retirement. They have four grown-up children.

Both were members of a Baptist church in Kent, where Ken was part of the leadership team for a number of years. Ann’s love of young children saw her planning and running the crèche. Both Ken and Ann have a heart for pastoral care.


Dave is the other fellow elder with responsibility for publicity and for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults

Before retiring, Dave was a teacher for 37 years in London and Hereford. His wife, Su, and he were foster parents, caring for 53 children (not all at the same time) and were also guide and scout leaders.

Dave and Su moved to Whitchurch in 2013 and to Higher Heath in 2015. Prior to this they lived in Leominster and attended Hereford Baptist Church, where they were deacons.

They have a particular heart for local and international mission and upon retiring spent six months teaching and encouraging underprivileged children and widows in southern Sri Lanka.

Ministry leaders

                 Ken            Liz    Dora    Rod   Andrew  Karen  Martin  Jo               Jamie         Ged    Joanna                David      Sue
Ken    Liz  Dora  Rod Andrew Karen Martin Jo  Jamie Ged Joanna    David  Sue
Ken Liz Dora Rod Andrew Karen Martin Jo Jamie Ged Joanna David Sue

In addition to the elders, Beacon Church is served by some great people who give freely of their time to lead different areas of ministry. They are:

Roger Smallwood - Oak
Roger Smallwood - Oak
Ann Holland - Creche
Ann Holland - Creche
Dora Marlow - Jam Splat and Bea Club
Dora Marlow - Jam Splat and Bea Club
Jo White - Jam Splat and Bea Club
Jo White - Jam Splat and Bea Club
Emma Porter - BYG
Emma Porter - BYG
Ann Marlow - Welcome
Ann Marlow - Welcome
Liz Parkinson - Prayer Ministry
Liz Parkinson - Prayer Ministry
Alan and Chris Scutt - Food Bank
Alan and Chris Scutt - Food Bank

Beacon Church history

Beacon beginnings

The Beacon Church became a reality on 27th April, 2008, when our first Sunday service was held in Whitchurch Civic Centre. It was ‘planted’ from Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury which in turn was planted by Crowmoor Baptist Church in the 1980’s.

The concept of Beacon was born several years earlier when a couple – then living in Whitchurch but then worshipping outside at Barnabas Community Church - felt the Lord lay on their hearts the need to help 'bring something back' into the town. Beacon birthday party Another couple then felt a similar call of God and, following a 'retreat' in the winter of 2005, including a time of prayer and reflection, God spoke powerfully to them about His vision for Whitchurch and gave them the name 'Beacon'.

The two couples tried different ways to show God's love to people who were searching for faith, or did not have a regular church. A 'Cell Group' began to meet weekly, and various outreach events were held, including our first Alpha course, run jointly with another local church, in 2007.

By the end of 2007 several other people expressed an interest in progressing the project and an inaugural ‘leadership team’ comprising six people was formed. The group grew rapidly and the mid-week meetings became quite squashed! And so the church was born!