Thought for the Month

17/3/2013. INTRODUCTION.

This was the first Sunday in which there was a short talk, after the worship, giving a Christian perspective on a recent news story. After that it changed from Thought for the Week to Thought for the Month. 300 years ago you were thought to be weird if you didn't believe in God. Today you are thought to be weird if you do. This need not worry us; all that has happened is that the culture has changed. Christians should not think that conversion means committing intellectual suicide, and it's entirely possible to show how Christianity is relevant to modern society. I have a passion for doing this and I'll be giving the first few talks, but others will contribute too. We Christians are meant to function as living bridges between the unchanging truths of the gospel and the changing world in which we live; we have one foot in heaven and one on earth.

The talks will be short, as they are not a second sermon. I'll often mention the Law of Moses - the constitution that God wrote for ancient Israel in the Old Testament - because, although it has a context in the ancient Middle East and Christians are not under it, it indicates God's views on politics and society. That is why, once Jews, who continued to study Mosaic Law (in effect giving them an advanced education), were admitted into all parts of Western culture at the 'Enlightenment' two hundred years ago, they did notably well.

Anton Garrett

All "Thought for the Month" articles are by Anton Garrett, unless otherwise stated.

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17-03-2013 The benefits system
24-03-2013 The Higgs boson; science and scripture
21-04-2013 The secular spiritual vacuum: comparative religion and multi-faith initiatives
05-05-2013 Human rights?
12-05-2013 The Babel principle, I:
  How to make sense of the Euro crisis
26-05-2013 The Babel principle, II:
  Why UKIP won voters and how to inform the debate about immigration and multiculturalism
28-07-2013 Drugs
29-09-2013 The world of Harry Potter
17-11-2013 Christianity and physical fighting for yourself, your faith, your community; martial arts
12-01-2014 JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth: OK for Christians?
23-02-2014 Film review: The Passion of the Christ
23-03-2014 Film review: 300: Rise of an Empire. Ancient Greek culture in our culture and our churches
22-06-2014 Sport
27-07-2014 How we are able to perceive God
30-11-2014 Christmas time?
29-03-2015 Unbroken (The biopic of Zamperini)
26-05-2015 Film Review - Exodus: God's and Kings - by Dan Price
07-06-2015 The Turin Shroud
11-10-2015 The End of Cash in the World and in the Word
14-02-2016 Against Liberal Theology
03-05-2016 Jail
17-07-2016 Liverpool Care Pathway - by Jmie Muir
02-10-2016 The Wobbly Banks and the Financial System