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The Eastern Tribes
‘Wholehearted/Halfhearted - The Eastern Tribes’ (Joshua 22)
Duration: 0

2 Chronicles 25 - A lesson from history
Roger Smallwood talk on 2 Chronicles 25 A lesson from history
Duration: 0
Date Recorded: 06/25/2018

Three Steps to Revival
Jamie Muir's talk at Jubilee Church, Liverpool in June 2018.

Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem
Talk by Mike Price on 3rd June 2018 at Beacon Church on Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem

Three foundations for Revival
Talk on the theme of 'Three foundations for Revival' by Jamie Muir on Sunday 29th April 2018.

Saul and Ananias
Talk by Roger Smallwood on Acts 9 - Saul and Ananias on Sunday 27th May 2018.

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
Talk by Jamie Muir at Beacon Church on Sunday 20th May 2018.

Christian Aid Churches Together Service
Service held on Sunday 13th May 2018.
Duration: 21 minutes

Jamie Muir - Acts 8 - Persecution
Preaching by Jamie Muir on 6th May 2018.
Duration: 30 minutes

Beacon Church Vision
Dr Jamie Muir, leader of the Beacon Church in Whitchurch, Shropshire, sets out the three main aims of the people who form the church which meets in the Civic Centre in Whitchurch.
Duration: 1:47