How we started

Beacon beginnings

The Beacon Church became a reality on 27th April, 2008, when our first Sunday service was held in Whitchurch Civic Centre. It was ‘planted’ from Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury which in turn was planted by Crowmoor Baptist Church in the 1980’s.

The concept of Beacon was born several years earlier when a couple – then living in Whitchurch but then worshipping outside at Barnabas Community Church - felt the Lord lay on their hearts the need to help 'bring something back' into the town. Beacon birthday partyAnother couple then felt a similar call of God and, following a 'retreat' in the winter of 2005, including a time of prayer and reflection, God spoke powerfully to them about His vision for Whitchurch and gave them the name 'Beacon'.

The two couples tried different ways to show God's love to people who were searching for faith, or did not have a regular church. A 'Cell Group' began to meet weekly, and various outreach events were held, including our first Alpha course, run jointly with another local church, in 2007.

By the end of 2007 several other people expressed an interest in progressing the project and an inaugural ‘leadership team’ comprising six people was formed. The group grew rapidly and the mid-week meetings became quite squashed! And so the church was born!