NewFrontiers & ChristCentral Shropshire

Over the past few years the Newfrontiers family has been going through an exciting period of transition.  This culminated in a number of leaders being released to build their own apostolic teams, furthering mission, church planting, strengthening of churches and raising up new leaders.
The intention of this multiplying of apostolic teams is to continue to multiply mission amongst the Newfronties family.

One such team is called Christcentral and is led by Jeremy Simkins who is based in Sheffield.  
Beacon Church is part of Christcentral Shropshire together with the following churches:

Barnabas Community Church

Terry & Helen

Hope Church, Shrewsbury

Nick & Tracey

Telford Christian Fellowship

Giles & Sarah

Hope Community Church Admaston

Roland & Sue





For more information about the Christcentral group of churches please visit their website

Each summer Christcentral Churches meet together for the Devoted Summer Camp.